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Stephanie Starks

“I've always considered myself to have a servant's heart, and I loved working with people, children, families, people who are disadvantaged, people who are struggling in various ways…But I believe that helping people is my calling. I think it's my ministry.”

2023 Neighbor

All Photos Courtesy of Jehan LLC Photography

Mi historia

Inspired by her community, Stephanie is guided by her servant heart to give hope to others as CEO and Clinical Director of Starks Counseling, LLC. A lifelong Columbus resident, she works to break down stigmas around therapy and support others with a safe space to process, learn, and thrive beyond their traumas. A proud mom, Stephanie also supports future generations of Social Work professionals through her work as the Region 5 Director of the National Association of Social Workers, Ohio Chapter. Through her involvement, she has helped to create ‘Social Work Holding Space,’ a support group for professionals in the field to care for themselves. Stephanie also finds solace in music and the arts, and has been an avid supporter of the King Arts Complex. Hear Stephanie’s story.

Stephanie Starks
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