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Donna Bates

“I want to instill the legacy of a good education and contribute to South High student success.”

2021 Neighbor

All Photos Courtesy of Jehan LLC Photography

My Story

Donna Bates is a lifelong resident of Columbus’ South Side. Following in her mother’s footsteps of collaborative activism, she has humbly dedicated her life to making her neighborhood a better place. Donna has been involved in countless community organizations, currently serving on the board of directors for the Reeb Avenue Center, and is the Secretary of the Steelton Village Civic Association.

In these roles, Donna works with her community to serve those who have limited access or knowledge about available resources. She is also involved in the Southeast Lions Club and is passionate about her work with the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank which aims to connect donors to transplant patients through collaborations with Ohio State University. Donna serves as the minister of music and the secretary of her church which allows her to serve her family, friends, and community through love and faith.

In one of her most prominent roles, Donna served as the President of the Parsons Area Merchants Association (PAMA) now contributing as a trustee. PAMA works to support the South Side by promoting local business and healthy living to its community members. Donna is especially proud of her work with PAMA to bring scholarships to the students at South High School, her alma mater, recognizing the value of education and inspiring a future generation towards a life of service.

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