Varsha Prabu

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My Story

Varsha Prabu has lived in the greater Toronto area, but is proud to call Columbus their home. She graduated from Olentangy Liberty high school and is now a third-year at The Ohio State University studying psychology.


Prabu’s amazing work stems in many area, but especially in Planned Parenthood and Hospice of Ohio, which is why they were nominated. During the interim period of her sophomore summer, they were a part of a group chat that called for Planned Parenthood interns. “I've always been a planned parenthood supporter from the sidelines, ever since I moved to the United States, abortion is healthcare. Then between the summer between my first and second year of Ohio State, I happened to be in a group chat that mentioned that Planned Parenthood is looking for some digital defenders or interns. I was like, Yes, I want to do this”.


The first initiative for Planned Parenthood that Varsha participated in was the “Get Out and Vote” campaign. “The first major thing that I did within Planned Parenthood was for their “Get Out to Vote” during the 2020 election. With weekly phone banks, calling people and letting them know, these are the people that you should look into voting to if you support these health care rights. With voting rights, I feel like a lot of people aren't educated on, who to vote for, or local elections; and I really appreciate being able to be the one to give them that information so that they can make the choices right for them. What you will find is Planned Parenthood doesn't directly say, hey, you should vote for x person, but they'll say, hey, if you support this, and this, then you should look into supporting experts. So we're still people giving people the autonomy to vote for who they want, just giving them access to the information”. They also view the impacts of their work on the university community, “Oftentimes, it's the university community that's most impacted by Planned Parenthood, especially receiving health care at birth control”.


Varsha’s experiences have routed her to the path of healthcare advocacy. After they graduate, she plans to take a gap year during which that time, they will be doing advocacy work, research and more activities with Planned Parenthood before they attend medical school.