Monique Williams-McCoy

“If you can’t be a blessing for someone, then what’s your point? It doesn’t have to be monetarily. It can be a smile, a kind gesture, a hug. With me, I’m just gifted with working with food.”

-Monique Williams-McCoy

My Story

“Everywhere I go, I like to plant a seed. Maybe I’m a ‘seed-starter’.”

Monique Williams-McCoy grew up in Columbus, but would travel to North Carolina to help her grandparents with agriculture. “I grew up in Columbus, but everything that we done was from a little town in North Carolina, and we worked a farm and I worked the farm. I was 16 you know, so when everybody else was roller skating here in Columbus in the summertime Monique was working tobacco.” With the strong support system of her grandparents, mother and sister, Monique and her family are inspirational, encouraging each other to help others every step of the way.


Monique Williams-McCoy serves as the marketing manager for Veggie Van- Local Matters. In and outside of her career, Monique uses her food to intercede and bless her community in every way possible. She takes the time to cook for others, upon request or just when she is able, and will pass out hot cooked meals that the community loves. “I just love to cook. I love to cook. 2020 was a horrible year for me. I lost my son back in 2017, and then I had four major deaths in 2020. I can tell you selfishly, whenever I feel like I'm getting into a place of depression, I cook. One thing I have is the skill of cooking a lot of food and cooking it quickly to feed people. If I'm getting into that point of depression, I go feed random people. I'll make the plates and it sounds kind of weird for somebody to pull up in their white pickup truck and say ‘hey did you eat today! Come over and get this food’”.


Recalling a conversion McCoy had with one of her church sons, he details the impact and symbolism that Monique’s table has the in the community. “He came and said to me one day, ‘do you know how many people have eaten at this table?’ And I was like, ‘No, I don’t think about it’ but he said ‘Really think about it. We can't even count how many people that had a really huge table that was for 10 people’. He said, ‘Do you know how many meals and people really sat at this table?’ Continuing not to know the number, he's said, “that's such a compliment. Because some people will be like about six of us at our table, but there's been hundreds of people have come in here and sat at this table”. That's what you want in life. You want people to want to come and sit at your table, you know”.


The one wish Monique wished that could be granted is, “That wish would definitely be to have food access to everyone who needs good food to make their bodies healthy, and strong. And keep our kids smart. Because along with having grocery stores in those areas, you create jobs. You create community, you create wealth, you create health, you create people who have a first chance and first job with that pride. So if I could do anything that would definitely be putting grocery stores, all the communities for people to have access, and also had the resources to buy the access point. Food is really important to me. It is it really is”.