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Roshelle Pate

“What makes each part of the community different is what makes us unique, but also brings us together”

2021 Neighbor

Toutes les photos sont une gracieuseté de Jehan LLC Photography

Mon histoire

Growing up in South Field, Sergeant Roshelle Pate holds the love for her community on her sleeve. Sergeant Pate is an independent contractor and the founder and Chief Foodie Officer (CFO) for the Food Soldier 100 coalition.

The community has really supported her mission and work. “With the Food Soldier Network, I have really been blessed that as people come on to the [Facebook] page or the group, it's really a community. They give, even though they are in need themselves, they give, come out, volunteer, and start giving back. So really those that are in my group are my support, aside from my family. It's just amazing how people you've never met before, after a while, become like you've known each other forever; and we're like family, sisters, and brothers in service to others. I think it's a wonderful thing when you have a need, you get that need met, and then you give back to help someone else in need”.

Food Soldier is a grassroots mission, or as Roshelle says “neighbor helping neighbor.” The network and events have allowed for strangers and neighbors to become friends and in turn, provide for a community in need. The reward for Roshelle lays in the smiles on children’s faces when cakes are part of a food giveaway or the look of hope that comes with a free box of groceries. Love is the engine that drives the mission and their fearless leader to continue her efforts. “Love makes anything is possible. Regardless of where you come from, what you do, if you really, really truly encapsulate love, then this whole entire world would be a better place. So that would be my superpower. Not to get religious, but in the Bible, it says, hope, faith, and love, and of these three, the greatest is love. So for me, that would be my superpower”.

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