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Sharyn Rigsbee

“I want Columbus to be home for all the folks that want Columbus to be home”

2023 Neighbor

All Photos Courtesy of Jehan LLC Photography


With a dynamic personality and overflowing knowledge of all things related to real estate, Sharyn Rigsbee is an advocate for Columbus and the opportunities stable housing can have to the prosperity of Central Ohio. A lifelong resident of Columbus, Sharyn wants the current and future residents to celebrate the unique characteristics of every Columbus neighborhood, but more importantly educate and empower homeownership as a vehicle for generational wealth building and equity. This means staying engaged in policy decisions, community conversations, and organizations that can ensure everyone has access to opportunities for prosperity. She expands her service to the community with her involvement in other staples of the community, volunteering and supporting the Boys and Girls Club and IMPACT Community Action. Hear Sharyn’s story.

Sharyn Rigsbee
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