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José Avila

“I try to be a steward of our community, representation matters wherever you go and I want to make sure the impression that people get, not only as a person but as a whole, as a Latino, being from Honduras, is carrying yourself with dignity and character.”

2023 Neighbor

All Photos Courtesy of Jehan LLC Photography


A musically gifted community leader, José Ávila supports his community through education, advocacy, and representation. Joining the Columbus community at the age 15, José evolved his self-study of music through his education at Otterbein University to later join the The Blue Jays Jazz & Funk band. Bringing music all throughout the Columbus community, The Blue Jays Jazz & Funk band has brought creative joy through their electrified sounds. Expanding outside of his music, Jose was a program coordinator for the Ohio Hispanic Coalition, engaging with the community to understand needs, provide programming, and create a safe community. He currently serves as a Client Service Specialist at Heartland Bank. A proud supporter for the Columbus Crew, José brings his unique cultural background to foster more understanding and compassion around diversity and inclusion. Hear José ’s story.

José Avila
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